GOK Yubileyny “Krasivoe” deposit (Khabarovsk Territory): optimization of mantling technology of the gold processing plant facilities by using engineering based project planning

Initial item condition

GOK Yubileyny “Krasivoe” deposit is located in Ayano-Mayskiy District of Khabarovsk Territory. As part of the mining and processing complex, a gold processing and beneficiation plant was established and commissioned. The plant was designed to process 200,000 tonnes of ore per annum. Expert team of LMP Project Group joined the project on the part of the general contractor at the mantling stage of the main building of the factory and the firsts processing branch. At the beginning of the cooperation, all the necessary detailed design documentation and information regarding the customer’s equipment supply were available. There was no common coordination system of the construction and mantling works. The main task was to arrange and optimize the process sequence of the construction and mantling work. There were also some delays in deadlines, and solutions for timely project completion were to be developed.

Participation of LMP Project Group team in the project

Comprehensive work was performed in terms of engineering based project planning using the following methods:
Scheduling system was developed within Oracle Primavera software.
Construction and mantling works were optimized by LMP Project Group team with direct participation of the operators based on the data regarding their performance and supply deadlines.
Monthly correction was performed in terms of the resource volumes needed for mantling process, considering the material difference of the weight of the metal structures actually supplied from the ones initially stated in the design documentation.
Calculation was performed in terms of required labor and technical resources of the general contractor and customer.
Supplies of equipment and metal structures to the construction facilities, as well as construction and mantling works were coordinated.


accurate construction and mantling schedule was prepared for the whole construction period;
metal structures and equipment mantling process was optimized taking the supplies deadlines into account, which resulted in minimization of idle time;
adequate quantity of the necessary resources was determined.
Participation of LMP Project Group team in the mantling project regarding the building of the gold processing and beneficiation plant and firsts processing branch helped the general contractor to control the construction and mantling works efficiently and to complete the project in time.

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