Development of scheduling methodology, planning and accounting of treaty obligations for CJSC “EUROCEMENT Group”

Initial item condition

CJSC “EUROCEMENT Group” is one of the world’s biggest cement producing companies included in the list of the Russian Federation essential enterprises. The holding plants annually produce over 50 mln tons of cement. The company also produces over 10 mln cubic meters of concrete per year. LMP Project Group joined the project in cooperation with “Borlas” consulting group in the course of the enterprise’s buildings and constructions upgrade. At the time of the inception of the works execution there was no unified approach to scheduling and accounting of treaty obligations. The management of the holding needed an efficient planning and control instrument to organize well-coordinated works on 16 plants in Russia.

Participation of LMP Project Group team in the project

Business-processes description for the realization of the investment capital construction projects, technical refurbishment, upgrade and reconstruction of the CJSC “EURCEMENT Group” objects became the main task. It was also required to design scheduling templates.
Rules of the phased planning of works that have become the basis for the scheduling, actualization, analysis and control of the investment projects.
Schedule templates for all the phases of an investment project, including directive schedule (first-level schedule), complex schedule (second-level schedule), milestones plan.
Annexes to CJSC “EUROCEMENT” standard contracts in such kind of activities as processing-survey works, logistics, building and assembly works, commissioning. The documents were included in the methodology of planning and accounting of the treaty obligations.
Rules of hierarchic categorization of the customer’s resources.


Construction planning specifics was introduced into normative-methodical documents taking the LMP Project Group specialists’ real production experience into account;
Ready-made templates allowing to simplify the process of multi-leveled scheduling for new projects were provided;
All methodologic documentation was prepared in time and delivered to the customer.

LMP Project Group’s participation in the project provided effective cooperation of the consultants in the area of the implementation of the information systems for managing projects and current planning engineers. It provided an opportunity to create an effective and viable customer’s scheduling system.

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