Refined oil warehouse of CJSC “Gazpromneft –North-West”/ ЗАО «Газпромнефть-Северо-Запад»: professional interaction with line engineers and technicians

Initial item condition

The refined oil warehouse of CJSC “Gazpromneft-North-West”/ ЗАО «Газпромнефть-Северо-Запад» is located in Leningrad Region. The warehouse plays an important role in the infrastructure of the PJSC “Gazprom neft” / ПАО «Газпром нефть» subsidiary. The oil plant is used to receive, store and shipping of about 40,000 м3 of refined crude oil (petroleum and diesel fuel). The facilities include the following process objects:

  • Main: railway bridge for tank unloading and loading, process pump station, tank farm, energy supply objects, and transfer system (bridges).
  • Provisional: administration building, fire water pump house and depot, communication network, automatic fire suppression system, and general site objects.

Expert team of LMP Project Group joined the project on the part of the general contractor at the stage of construction and mantling works, when the land plot was being prepared for the foundation of the future buildings. At the beginning of the cooperation, the general contractor had outdated and static directive schedule. Detailed planning was performed with perspective of one month and long-term planning was not carried out. It was necessary to determine the critical path, actual necessity in resources and work process sequence.

Participation of LMP Project Group team in the project

The engineering planning system (link to the engineering planning service provider’s web page) was successfully implemented in order to efficiently organize the general contractor’s activities. Thus all the existing design documents and cost estimations were modified into a complex schedule based on the Spider Project software.
The directive schedule data were optimized by close cooperation of LMP Project Group experts with line engineers and technicians.
Adequate scheduling was developed, which covered the whole project implementation term. It included updated terms of materials and equipment procurement, actual level of efficiency and other construction aspects.
Weekly updating was provided in terms of the schedule and individual parameters of reporting to managers of different levels.
Analysis and calculation were performed in terms of the length and volumes of works, required labor and technical resources, and their adjustment and optimization in full compliance with the engineers and technicians’ recommendations.
Critical path and sub-critical paths were determined, and floats were searched for based on the schedule data.


terms were reduced at certain construction stages;
line engineers and technicians received comprehensive vision of the project in terms of meeting the deadlines and saving time;
materials and equipment procurement schedule was agreed in accordance with the construction and mantling schedule;
sufficient quantity of labor and technical resources were determined at the construction site;
subcontractors’ activities were coordinated by developing congruent works schedules;
decision-taking process was optimized by assessing the project KPI;
key process milestones were fixed in order to quickly analyze of the project efficiency;
trends were determined in terms of key types of work (placement of concrete, mantling of metal structures, equipment and pipelines, painting, etc.).

The participation of LMP Project Group in the construction of the refined oil warehouse of CJSC “Gazpromneft-North-West” helped the general contractor to detect the possibility of reducing the general construction terms by 80 days.

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