Oil plant AK “Transneft”/ АК «Транснефть». Construction of tanks for fire extinguishing water storage 5,000 м3: engineering planning

Initial item condition

Far Eastern oil plant AK “Transneft”/ АК «Транснефть» is located at the special object “Port Kozmino”/ «Порт Козьмино», situated on the coast of the Sea of Japan. The storage is the final point of the oil pipeline “Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean”. The planned maximum volume of the water storage park, after all the facilities at the object have been constructed, will be 500,000 м3. Expert team of LMP Project Group joined the project at the stage of the construction of the tanks for fire extinguishing water storage, with the volume of 5,000 м3 each, on the part of the general contractor. At the beginning of the cooperation, all the necessary detailed design documentation and information regarding procurement of the customer’s equipment were available. The main task was to optimize and accurately coordinate labor and technical resources of the general contractor. It was also necessary to determine the possibilities of reducing the terms of construction and mantling works.

Participation of LMP Project Group team in the project

The construction process management system was applied by means of professional engineering planning, during which the following procedures were performed:
Scheduling was developed in Spider Project environment, which consolidated and structured the data of the existing detailed design documentation.
Calculation of the necessary amount of labor and technical resources of the general contractor was performed and their optimization was provided.
Congruent works of the contractors operating at the object were coordinated.
Prompt reporting to management was adjusted in terms of works performed based on the daily and monthly schedule.
Planning and work cost recording systems were tuned up.


accurate construction and mantling schedule was formed for the whole construction period based on precise calculations;
adequate quantity of labor and technical resources of the general contractor was determined;
float was detected in order to reduce the total construction term.
The participation of LMP Project Group in the construction of tanks for fire extinguishing water storage under Oil plant AK “Transneft” project helped provide the general contractor with a clear vision of the project implementation and ways of reducing the total construction term.

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