Expanding the SmartPlant Foundation data scheme within the scope of Kursk NPS project

Initial item condition

Kursk NPS is one of the largest companies of the Russian energy system and is included into the five most powerful nuclear stations of the country. It helps supply energy to the most industrial facilities in Kursk Region. The NPS resources are also used to electrify nearly 20 regions of the Central Area. At the beginning of the cooperation, the station comprised four active energy blocks. LMP Project Group joined the project at the stage of early engineering of a new fifth energy block. For the purposes of the project, the customer used SmartPlant Foundation engineering database without the objects of electrical and technical calculations. Complete presentation of the design required combining and structuring the data on the objects of the electrical part and their attributes.

Participation of LMP Project Group team in the project:

The main task was to develop an information model (IM) of electrical calculations and schemes based on SmartPlant Foundation, including the data on 29 projected objects and their attributes. The number of attributes at the beginning of the work process was about 850, but after the work completion it made 2500 items.
Analysis of the SmartPlant Electrical (SPEL) data scheme was performed in order to assess the implementation of the models regarding 29 objects of the electrical scheme, with regard to their attributes.
The attributes of the IM objects were identified and IM was calculated.
The component SPF scheme was changed by adding the list of repeatedly used and re-created SharedObjects.


Schemes and models regarding 29 IM objects were developed with all their attributes pursuant to the implementation in SPEL and initial files.
A report was prepared containing the classification of IM attributes which were not comprised in IM SPEL.
SharedObjects were identified which related to the SPEL component scheme.
The complete list of IM objects attributes was made and they were classified, which can be applied to further implementation in the SPF scheme part.
A set of files was prepared in order to expand the existing integration scheme.
A description of the developed model was prepared, which showed classes, interfaces, attributes and links of the initial data with the achieved result.

The participation of LMP Project Group in the expanding of the SmartPlant Foundation data scheme within the scope of Kursk NPS project helped to improve the base software parameters and place the electrical part objects in the information model by accurately structuring them. The data on the information model objects can be used any time during the whole building life cycle.

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