Implementation of the design project of a large apartment in Moscow: experience of work with individual customers

Initial item condition

The apartment with floor space equal to 240 м2 is located in Moscow and belongs to an individual client. The customer had a complex design project. The object’s interiors design was prepared by several foreign contractors. Expert team of LMP Project Group joined the project at the stage of fit-out works. There were delays in project implementation schedule due to the complexity of process decision and regular corrections into the project by the customer. There was no accurate control system over the contractors’ actions, that is why the customer had replaced contractors several times.

Participation of LMP Project Group team in the project

In order to solve control, interaction and delays reduction problems, the management system of the object’s life cycle was applied based on Dassault Systemes ENOVIA and Dassault Systemes CATIA design software.
Documents flow system prototype was developed in order to exchange updated information between all the participants of designing and construction processes.
Archive structure in terms of project, design and executive documentation under the project was prepared within the document flow system.
3D apartment information model was created based on the updated design project in order to clearly understand the ways and stages of fit-out works.


the customer, by means of 3D model, was able to remotely assess the construction process any time;
coordination and control over the contractors’ actions was provided;
visualization of actual engineering utility system at the object was prepared;
updated lists of required materials were submitted;
acts payments process was optimized by receiving actual data from the system regarding the work performed instead of random data;
it became possible to compare the 3D model with spherical photos of the apartment;
common electronic archive of engineering documentation was established.
The participation of LMP Project Group in the implementation of the design project of the large apartment made it possible to promptly complete the long-drawn works. The document flow system and object 3D model obtained by the customer during the cooperation process can be used in future during repairmen and selection of a new design solution of the apartment.

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