3D Modeling, Model Calculations and Analysis from LMP Project Group


3D modeling allows for creation of a functional three-dimensional information and technical model of a facility being designed or existing. Not only it gives full-blown visualization of the facility with a high level of detail but also ensures high efficiency of work and resources spending throughout the entire facility lifecycle.

The model includes spatial data and information on physical volumes of separate structure elements, information on number of storeys and layout of buildings and other facility parameters, based on which precise planning and implementation of engineering design are carried out.
Three-dimensional modeling is performed in several phases:
  • Elaboration of terms of reference based on the documents submitted;
  • Facility decomposition (breakdown into component parts);
  • Creating a model of each premise in the building(s);
  • Integrating the models with process flow charts and automation diagrams;
  • Elaboration and agreement upon the layout for equipment arrangement;
  • Distribution of utilities at the facility taking into account intersections.

Smart charting is relevant for complex engineering facilities in industrial, metallurgic, power and other fields, including nuclear power plants.

Multidimensionality of the construction model and its representation as unified information and technical space allows achieving a significant increase in KPI (key performance indicators of the project).

Performance improvement

The system saves once obtained project data, which simplifies their search and repeated use at other project phases. Creation of the model also allows speeding-up of designers’ work as each expert can work on his/her sector simultaneously with other experts and obtain necessary data at any time independently.

Elimination of design errors

Due to technical capacities of the three-dimensional model, rationality of adopted engineering solutions is evaluated automatically, which results in reducing design miscalculations, utilities intersections and occurrence of other collisions. It allows for reduction of labor costs of making modifications and new drawings.

Sound planning of activities

Project implementation is planned on the basis of accurate time calculation. Calendar-network plan is built for the entire period of work in advance, if necessary, it can be adjusted at any phase. The three-dimensional model simplifies personnel management as it provides an opportunity to train the employees and make them aware of safety measures, ways of installation or other nuances.

Reducing time of design and estimate documentation issue

State-of-the-art digital base allows for data uploading directly from the system in the form of drawings in any view. It eliminates the need to prepare each drawing separately and speeds up the process of agreement.

LMP Company is able to model the existing facilities should there be a need in their renovation, upgrading or decommissioning. Thus, information and technical base of the facility represented as the three-dimensional model is applicable at all phases: construction, pre-commissioning, operation, etc.

The following innovative software helps LMP ensure optimal conditions for 3D modeling:

Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise (SPE) is one of the most sophisticated design tools. It allows creating unified information space to unite designers on all levels, thanks to which the work process speeds up 2.5-fold.
Dassault Systemes 3DExperience Platform is professional support for engineering data management and integration of new information into the system at any design phase. It is distinguished by high engineering accuracy.
CAESAR and SIMULIA Abaqus are programs for accurate and prompt calculation of loads, strength, stiffness of pipelines and finite-element calculation.

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