6D Construction Management from LMP Project Group


6D management is a tool for efficient construction control and long-term support of engineering facilities lifecycle. It implies creation of an integral multi-dimensional model reflecting the dynamics of facility erection, funds and resources spending. In the long run, it ensures a possibility to model activities of repair and upgrade.

System build-up is based on full-scale three-dimensional view by integrating technical measurements with parameters of time/resources/finances:
4D Obtaining a detailed calendar-network construction schedule with substantiation of strict deadlines and easy tracking of activities being carried out at each time phase;
5D Calculation of exact scope of required materials, labor and technical resources with a possibility to visualize their use;
6D Project budget detailing and cost estimate for every construction phase. Definition of project Key Performance Indicators, budget optimization opportunity.

Service 6D construction management by LMP Project Group ensures a systematic approach, saving on costs and construction safety. Use of the model is not limited to commissioning of facility but it can be applied throughout the entire facility lifecycle up to its decommissioning.

Approach consistency

Creation of unified data storage containing relevant information on the project and history of all modifications made. It allows for quick monitoring of past, current and future activities.

Management efficiency

Sound economical and resource planning leading to reduction of labor, monetary and time expenditures on average by 5-20 %. 6D management reduces time of preparing and agreeing upon design documentation, which provides for data uploading directly from a 3D-model.

Design safety

Elimination of collisions while still at the design phase. Full-blown project visualization allows for online checking of practical implementation of organizational and technical solutions.

LMP Project Group also provides:

  • Personnel operative training;
  • Absolute independence from the existing software;
  • Interactive access to the project from any place.

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