Electronic Document Management from LMP Project Group


Electronic technical document management is a professional way of significantly reducing time expenditures for exchange of documents, amendments thereto and agreement of any degree of complexity. It is relevant for process management during erection of complex permanent structures.

Information system is available in online mode and allows exchange of any type of documentation: cost estimate and design, detailed design, organizational and administrative, regulatory, etc. Electronic document management results in reduction of agreement time 2.5-fold on average (e.g. from 60 to 25 days). It allows speeding up the project implementation and improving its parameters.

In addition to saving time, electronic document management opens up other opportunities:

Easy distance work

Online access to the system significantly facilitates interaction with partners based in other cities and abroad. Service of electronic document management by LMP provides for internal discussion of documents submitted by means of special forms. They replace e-mail and other virtual communication channels and allow saving of all data and negotiations history within integral information structure.

Prompt amendment

Functions of the service include electronic markers which ensure prompt entering of notes in a document directly in the system without transfer to dedicated CAD. Amendments presented in electronic form allow resources saving as compared with traditional paper document management.

Work transparency and control

Experts and managers at various levels can obtain full or partial access to the system data, which ensures the required degree of work transparency. Additional option to display personal performance of each process participant makes the service a flexible analytical tool to control the efficiency of employees. It is possible to set up automatic receipt of progress reports on the project implementation.

Obtaining a unified regulatory framework

In the course of work, project information is searched, collected, processed and stored. Upon the completion of the project, the customer obtains a well-structured archive which allows using the data at any phase of facility lifecycle.

Electronic technical document management by LMP is organized on the basis of Intergraph and Dassault Systemes platforms. The applied software is also a foundation for three-dimensional modeling, which makes possible quick integration of design and detailed design documentation with a 3D-model.

We offer a possibility to develop a customized ready-made solution for a certain project or client. The information system can operate both by means of software installation at the customer’s equipment and using the company’s technical base.

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