Project Management Procedure from LMP Project Group


Elaboration of their own project management procedures allows companies to obtain a system of standard solutions for any tasks of key business processes. Its application guarantees high congruence and efficiency of work at all levels and streamlines internal information flows.

A global task of the procedure is setting-up and structuring of management system in the company. It ensures a unified project development scenario and timely obtaining of data on specific expenses, their purpose and cost-effectiveness from the point of profit earned.

Project management procedure also helps to solve the following tasks:

Process planning

Unified management system is built on accurate calendar-network schedules designed for the entire project implementation period and control of meeting the deadlines. Planning document is a multi-branch structure of processes from general descriptions of upper level items to detailed elaboration of each phase. The procedure takes into account the sequence of processes, their functionality and role distribution.

Coordination of participants

The document clearly defines lines of interaction between company’s employees in the event of any work situation occurrence and the role of each of them within the general system. It ensures prompt response and congruence of actions at any project phase. The procedure also considers parameters of cooperation with partner companies.

Resource and budget management

Step-by-step procedure of resource and budget management based on specific data provides the company with a clear practical action manual. It contains instructions on the ways of spending, actions at every phase of activities, responsibility of any process participant, etc.

Work progress monitoring

The procedure includes elaborated charts for each process monitoring and general evaluation criteria. Thus, company’s management can promptly obtain complete and reliable information on the progress of work.

Negative trend forecasting

We use procedural approaches to forecast negative trends. Along with this, recommendations are made, including solutions to various problems and detailed description of personnel’s actions in the event of their occurrence.

Preparation of documentation as part of the procedure

Standardized approaches may include various ready documents for project process management depending on the customer’s needs: provisions, work procedures, manuals for the personnel, reporting forms, etc.

Project management procedure provides the company with a strategic vision of its activity. Work situation analysis inside the company allows identification of task intersection/duplication at various levels of interaction and their elimination. It helps to differentiate competencies of departments and escape inefficient data exchange.

We develop integral project management concepts for our clients and optimize individual processes. If necessary, the experts of LMP Project Group carry out the training of personnel and elaborate an educational course on the use of the procedure.

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