Organizational Elaboration of Project Implementation from LMP Project Group


Organizational elaboration of project implementation allows a preliminary feasibility analysis of tasks set from the point of resources spending, compliance with budget and established deadlines. The service also provides an opportunity of determining the level of profitability in advance and identifying potential risks.

Obtaining of such important data helps to develop a strategy of company activity within the project and optimal plan of its stepwise implementation. Availability of such concepts is necessary for successful bidding, assurance of transparency of contractual relations between the participants, etc.

LMP Project Group offers integrated and individual solutions:

Information management plan

It allows competent project data management and setting-up of operative document management inside the company and with the subcontractors involved. The plan is designed for arrangement of information and technical activities and information transfer, generation of charts for launch and management of systems, development of operation and maintenance manuals.

3D-modeling management plan

It ensures control of designing in two-dimensional and three-dimensional views. At that, 2D-drawings are uploaded directly from a 3D-model. The plan includes data on technical, detailed design and other documentation, technical information on a facility and information on interrelations between the elements of its structure.

Quality analysis of input design data

Analytical study of key data on the project allows determining the prospects of its construction and operation. With the 3D-model of the facility being designed, identification of collisions becomes available. Upon the completion of analysis, the client obtains a comprehensive expert opinion.

Risk plan

Project elaboration in terms of risks provides for identification of potential negative situations related to the technologies being used, budget, environmental conditions, etc. We calculate potential consequences for each risk and develop solutions for its elimination or methods of responding to a problem.

Project budget plan

Based on the integrated schedule of project implementation, a reliable budget is built. It allows a visual evaluation of any direct expenses for labor, technical and material resources in accordance with real market rates, as well as of overhead and planned expenses.

LMP’s experts own state-of-the-art tools, necessary skills and experience to carry out a qualitative organizational elaboration of project implementation. In addition, we offer development of 3D-model to create a virtual construction plan.

Information and technical model allows full-scale demonstration of management capabilities. Illustrative review of potential collisions, actions of work task issuing system and progress in the project implementation take place due to it. At that, facility visualization on the whole or individual process sections is ensured.

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