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Professional engineering data management ensures work optimization and competent decision-making at any phase of facility lifecycle. The service implies for creation of electronic system including main construction parameters, links between them, history of amendments made and other important information.

Unified information base allows a simplified data search and their quick coordination. As a result of such approach, saving of resources, efficient organization of business processes and risk reduction are ensured.

Engineering data management matters at every phase of facility lifecycle:


A full set of data on a facility being erected, integrated in a structured system, becomes a reliable base for qualitative designing of the facility. Besides, such information platform allows a prompt and timely expert review of design solutions for compliance with technical requirements and elimination of collisions.


Engineering data management in the course of construction makes possible competent planning of activities being implemented and generation of accurate calendar-network schedules. The information in the system is regularly updated, which allows monitoring of project implementation efficiency and generation of reliable detailed design documentation. The service is important to arrange for supplies of equipment and materials and to produce non-standard equipment and structures.


Continuous updating of information shows a real picture of facility readiness. It is convenient to transform engineering data from the system in organizational and technical charts for pre-commissioning and other tests. Owing to this, it is easy to obtain necessary information for online checking of as-built, operation, expert and permitting documentation.


Engineering data system is a convenient base for full-scale operation and maintenance of the facility. Control of technological processes and rational allocation of resources are implemented by its means. Based on systematic information, competent decisions related to renovation, repair and upgrading of facilities are made. Besides, having a comprehensive understanding of the facility condition allows improvement of safety level in general.


Information on amendments made to the facility structure during its lifecycle will help to dismantle the equipment promptly and find solutions for any tasks during preservation of the facility.

Engineering data management ensures the link between all phases of facility existence, unifying information on them in the integrated archive. Providing the service of system creation, LMP ensures comprehensive support: training of experts, manual for the personnel, methodology elaboration and technical support.

In our work we use tools of SmartPlantFoundation by Intergraph and ENOVIA by Dassault Systemes. The basis for database creation can be both 3D-models and smart two-dimensional charts. We provide the customer with a software product capable of integrating with the existing software.

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