Verification and validation of project and detail documentation from LMP Project Group

Validation of project documentation is a way to assess a project’s compliance with customer requirements through a special review process. Verification of project documentation determines whether the requirements can be fulfilled under the given conditions, and reveals negative trends. Professional data verification is based on a 3D model. In the absence of this model, our engineers will create a 3D design of your structure on the basis of 2D drawings, diagrams, and other documentation. This will give you a complete image of the project.
Documentation verification and validation services for the customer means:

Timely completion of the structure

The verification process will provide you with perfect detail documentation that takes all initial errors into account. This service guarantees that incidents such as modifications, project stagnation and emergencies are minimized and projects are completed on schedule.

Making informed decisions

The information obtained during the review process enable you to make sure that the consumption of resources, time, and budget is justified. In addition, this service provides a visual of engineering solutions to avoid possible conflicts.

Contractor performance assessment

Projects with more than one design contractor are especially challenging when it comes to measuring the performance of each contractor. An independent expert review helps evaluate the performance of any one actor, and decide on practicability of further cooperation. On average, we spend 6 man-months to validate a project that includes 600,000 items. This is considerably less than the standard review term of 1 to 2 years. Where deliverables are found to be non-compliant with customer’s requirements and proposed engineering solutions are found to be impracticable, LMP Project Group is prepared to assist you in finding least-cost scenarios. We have professionals experienced in restoring 3D models from project/detail documentation who use advanced tools such as Intergraph, Dassault Systemes, AVEVA and Bentley.

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