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LMP Project Group

new approach to construction management and engineering
LMP Project Group provides modern engineering services in 3D construction engineering and complex professional facilities management through the whole lifecycle.

Mission and values

LMP Project Group sees its mission as providing qualified assistance in construction, reconstruction and update of complex multitasking facilities. Our work is aimed at KPI (key performance indicators) increasing as well as resource and time savings. We seek both domestic and foreign cooperation, providing innovative approach to investment-construction projects. In meeting these challenges our company is guided by the 4Ps principles:


Using advanced software we increase speed and effectiveness of work performance and ensure that projects compile with the leading standards.


Perfect fulfillment of the tasks set is achieved through the high level of qualification of our employees and continuous upgrading of their professional skills.


Communication with a client is based on the principle of equal cooperation between experts in different fields of activities that ensures their harmonious interaction.


Deadline accuracy is our fundamental objective.


Our company is a part of the narrow circle of organizations in the engineering and project management market providing quality services in the field of computer construction modelling and automated facilities management.
We create common engineering information space including facilities specified parameters in shape, dimensions and arrangement of its details in space. Data are stored in the system and can be used to meet challenges at any stage of an item lifecycle.
Based on 3D model, a wide set of possibilities for complete implementation and speeding up the work on the projects is pursued: scheduling and budget planning, engineering data management, electronic engineering document workflow etc. We provide ready-made advanced process objective solutions developed by efforts and instruments of our team. The company’s clients don’t have to install expensive software to be able to use LMP Project Group products.

Development strategy

We seek to provide all our clients with an opportunity to receive quality management and engineering services on high modern level by establishing remote cooperation.
Our main objective is information re-equipment of organizations and developing a client’s competence in project management to correspond to working conditions in a fast-moving world.
We have been purposefully working on expansion of spectrum of services provided and its improvement for complete satisfying the client’s requirements. To that end the company has been constantly learning from foreign experience, integrating it into domestic environment, and carries out its own scientific and process research that results in unique developments.
We want to contribute to development and productivity gains of Russian companies that will help to improve general economic situation in the country. We are open for cooperation and exchange of experience with foreign companies, as well as establishing long-term international relations.

Our experience

We are a team of professionals, each with a many years’ wide experience in engineering and tackling the management challenges. Initially acting as one of the pioneers in computer modelling and management in our country, today we steadily work as an important participant of significant projects. Only in the past six years services in oil and gas, energy, production and other spheres were provided to 10 prominent clients. We participate in the projects of such clients as:

Cooperation with us provides you with the following:

For investors
  • apprehension of profitability of a project at any given moment;
  • confidence in timing of a project implementation;
  • cost efficiency.
For customers
  • integrated vision of a project;
  • having optimal management system;
  • assessment of construction and further operation;
  • control over actual timing and performance of works;
  • possibility of adopting an item’s digital model from the contractor;
  • flexible reporting with high-level relevance.
For EPC-contractors
  • risk reduction through efficient coordination of works at every phase of an item lifecycle;
  • own costs optimization;
  • increasing returns of a project;
  • taking operational management and technical decisions;
  • unified electronic engineering document workflow with all the participants.
For general contractors
  • convenient and rational resource management;
  • proper planning of works ;
  • exact calculations of timing and compliance with timing of implementation.
For designers
  • automatic resolving of possible clashes;
  • having team of engineers working in a common information space;
  • creating an integral information model of an item;
  • possibility of digital transferring of a project to the customer.
For equipment suppliers
  • clear planning of equipment arrangement;
  • operational interaction with an EPC-contactor on risk prediction.

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