The reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theatre: successful coordination of congruent works

Initial item condition

The State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia (“SABT”) truly is the national heritage of Russia and one of the most famous theatres in the world. Its building constructed in the Empire style is over 160 years old. It was built in 1856 based on the design of famous architect Alberto Cavos. This is the third building of the theatre, which was more than once reconstructed during its long history. Yet another large-scale SABT reconstruction was performed since 2005 to 2011. Expert team of LMP Project Group joined the project on the part of the general contractor SUIproject CJSC, when the second stage of the scheduled refurbishment of the theatre facility was under way. That included the following tasks to be completed:
  • restoration of indoor premises of the theatre and the quadriga on the facade of the building;
  • restoration of the building of the Khomyakov House on Petrovka Street (which is used by the theatre for rehearsals);
  • installment of high-tech equipment into the main interactive stage;
  • fit-out of 6 new underground floors with make-up rooms, rehearsal room, etc.
It is worth mentioning that the customer had replaced general contractors several times, as the companies involved could not cope with the global challenge of efficient management of the reconstruction, restoration, and fit-out works at the site of federal significance. The main aim was to arrange the coordination of nearly 20 sub-contractors. As at the beginning of cooperation, there was no common updated congruence schedule – there were only static schedules available, prepared upon entering into agreements with sub-contractors. Delays in deadlines existed at some facilities.

Participation of LMP Project Group team in the project

Based on the collection of actual data regarding the restoration process, the scheduling Spider Project system was updated and adjusted.
Separate schedules in terms of sub-contractors were combined into a consolidated and harmonized schedule for all the participants covering the whole project life cycle.
Specification of the construction and mantling works was performed pursuant to the detailed design documentation in order to optimize each contractor’s actions.
Deadlines for complex restoration works and mantling of unique process stage equipment were determined and fixed in the schedule.
Optimization of the congruent sub-contractors' process workflow was performed, including the development of the work system of two shifts at certain types of work in order to eliminate delays in deadlines.
Weekly updates of the consolidated schedule and reports to the management were implemented in order to provide data regarding scheduled time differences. Proposals for elimination of delays were prepared.


efficient coordination of various sub-contractors was provided within the scope of one project;
the general contractor was able to control sub-contractors any time and to get the data on their performance;
the deadlines of works under critical path became totally clear;
analytical database and reporting were prepared, which helped the management take immediate technical and managerial decisions;
conditions for timely completion of the project activities were provided.
Participation of LMP Project Group team in the reconstruction, restoration and fit-out of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia helped develop a transparent scheduling system in order to complete the project in due time.

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