Construction of the off-plot facilities to provide operation of CDU / VDU, DCU and AORC at the premises of the oil refinery OJSC “Gazpromneft-ONPZ”/ ОАО «Газпромнефть-ОНПЗ»: project implementation management

Initial item condition

“Gazpromneft-ONPZ” /«Газпромнефть-ОНПЗ» in Omsk is one of the largest oil refineries in Russia. It was founded in 1955 and has been working with stable growth of petroleum production volumes. At present the refinery is being reconstructed and its equipment is being renovated. Its modernization will help provide higher quality of oil products and lower negative impact on the environment.

In accordance with the submitted design documentation and presentation materials, the off-site facilities for the planned construction and reconstruction included the following:

  • flaring system;
  • transitional tank farms with pump station;
  • air compressor room with nitrogen unit;
  • boiler feed preparation unit;
  • transfer system;
  • instrument building, etc.

The above mentioned systems and facilities were needed to provide operation CDU / VDU, DCU and AORC at the premises of the oil refinery OJSC “Gazpromneft-ONPZ”/ ОАО «Газпромнефть-ОНПЗ».

LMP Project Group joined the project under the instruction of one of the Russian EPC-contractors at the stage of work package tender based on EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) scheme. The main task was submitting high-quality elaborated participant’s technical proposal and presenting the participant’s competitive advantage.

To ensure successful participation of the contractor in the tender, it was necessary to prepare, as part of tender documentation, a detailed multilevel project plan-schedule. The company’s experts also proposed to develop a section of the 3D building model based on the determined requirements, being an additional tool of proving the contractor’s abilities.

Participation of LMP Project Group team in the project

In accordance with the requirements of the tender documentation, LMP Project Group developed the following:

Scheduled dates of the key engineering, procurement and construction stages.
KPI system proving the results which can be achieved by the contractor at each stage of the project implementation (engineering, logistics, construction and mantling works). The system also determined the way of the contractor’s assessment of its own performance, which had been specified in the customer’s requirements.
Schedule covering the whole agreement term, including:
  • master schedule of level 1;
  • detailed network schedule based on the critical path method showing the work process in order to observe the fixed milestones;
  • 90-day detailed schedule of works.
Histograms showing the necessary numbers of involved staff for each month of the project implementation pursuant to the work performed.
Actual progress assessment system in terms of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning with regard to weight factors. Such a management tool helps control each type of work and assess the project development level on the whole.
Tables and S-type curves with accruing percentage showing the completion of planned works per month. They provide graphic presentation of the pace of performance of each type of work and general dynamics of the project implementation.


the customer’s approval of the EPC-contractor’s proposal was received in terms of plan-schedule, calculation and reasoning of the necessity of labor and technical resources;
additional competitive advantage was provided to the EPC-contractor over other tender participants by means of showing the abilities of 6D building management.

Participation of LMP Project Group team in preparation of the technical proposal helped create high-quality elaborated tender documentation which comply with the customer’s requirements. 6D building management technology, which had been developed during the cooperation, can be used by the EPC-contractor during the project implementation.

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