Renovation of Khabarovsk refinery: new approaches to the engineering based project planning of oil and gas facilities

Initial item condition

Khabarovsk refinery is one of the biggest oil-processing enterprises in the Far East. Annual refining capacities amount to 5 mln tons. The refinery not only supplies fuel for regional manufactures in the Russian Far East but also carries out deliveries to Asian-Pacific countries. The key buildings and items of Khabarovsk refinery were constructed in the 30ths of the last century. The first large-scale upgrade was accomplished in the 90ths. The second one was finished in 2015 and allowed to increase refining capacity and start producing Euro-5 fuel only, reducing negative impact on the environment. In the framework of the latest upgrade the section of bitumen unit raw materials preparation had been constructed. LMP Project Group specialists joined the project on the part of general contractor in the first phase – vacuum unit construction. We also participated in the implementation of the second phase – visbreaking unit construction.
  • The vacuum unit included 6 sections. It was required to ensure its compact sitting on small area taking into account the installation of equipment weighing from 80 to 255 tons. Fuel oil distillation capacity of the unit is 1.8 mln tons per year.
  • The visbreaking unit was supposed to enlarge depth of processing of raw materials and output of light oil products, including the quantity of diesel fuel components. Refining rated capacity is 750 000 tons per year.
At the beginning of the works performance a clearly defined planning system of mechanical-assembling works for each unit construction was required. There was no opportunity to coordinate congruent works implementation by contractors. Communication crossings assessment wasn’t made.

Participation of LMP Project Group team in the project

In order to attain the objectives LMP Project Group specialists applied new methods of engineering based project planning. Considerable volume of design and budget documentation was elaborated: 2D and isometric drawings, equipment specifications, pipeline statements, cable journals etc. The result was the creation of multi-level schedule with detail up to level 4.

Assembly of every pipeline has been scheduled element-by-element (pipeline details, stop valves etc.) according to the isometric drawings, as well as assembly of every piece of equipment.
New method of pipeline length unification by means of inch-junctures categorized by steel grades was applied.
The process of heat treatment of the junctures, electro-heating and thermal insulation was scheduled. Every pipeline schedule had been regularly updated.
Hydrotests for pipeline routs and contours were planned.
Precise calculation of technical and labour resources of the general contractor and subcontractors was undertaken basing on the detailed schedule.


clear complex schedule of vacuum and visbreaking units construction was arranged basing on precise calculations. It includes detailed planning of general construction, mechanical-assembling, electrical and other works;
high-precision method of evaluation of the physical percentage of accomplishment of mechanical-assembling works on pipeline fitting was designed;
timely supply of pipeline elements is provided as well as clear coordination of assembly teams congruence due to the highly-detailed schedule is ensured;
most project collisions were eliminated before building and assembly works initiation;
plan of technically complicated assembly of large-size equipment in cramped conditions was designed;
expeditious recruiting of welders to work with rare types of steel was ensured.

Participation of LMP Project Group specialists in the project of Khabarovsk refinery reconstruction allowed to design and also to approve new approaches to engineering based project planning of oil and gas facilities. The developed methods are applicable for other large and technically complex oil and gas projects.

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