Rostov NPS: efficiency of innovative construction management technologies

Initial item condition

Rostov NPS is one of the largest energy objects in the South of Russia located near Vologodonsk (formerly named Vologodonsk NPS). Today the station procures about 15 % of the total region’s need in electrical energy. Its complex comprises three active energy blocks. Construction of the fourth block is under way. Expert team of LMP Project Group joined the project at the stage of engineering of the third block commissioned in 2014 and the forth one, which is being constructed. Management was performed based on 3D model of the future buildings which was provided by the customer. In order to complete engineering and construction, the information needed to be updated in terms of actual parameters of the buildings, premises and utility systems under construction. There were delays in deadlines at some construction facilities. Due to the lack of updated information on the work process, risk and clash analysis was not performed.

Participation of LMP Project Group team in the project:

Comprehensive updating of the information, contained in the 3D model and schedules, was performed. Services were also rendered in terms of professional organization and efficient work planning.
Detailed data regarding the object construction process were collected.
Adequate visualization of the construction process was provided in terms of certain premises which required complicated construction and mantling works.
Possible risk and clash analysis was carried out in the building utility systems.
Daily planning system was organized in terms of distribution and usage of the contractors’ resources.


3D building model was updated and detailed by means of field engineering.
Delays in project implementation were eliminated. The construction term of block 3 was reduced by 100 days by optimizing and changing the sequence of construction and mantling works at some facilities. The planned term of project completion regarding block 4 was also reduced.
Tailored methodology of giving weekly and daily tasks to contractors was developed all the way to commissioning of blocks 3 and 4.
Injury frequency at the construction site was reduced twice by eliminating risks and efficient work process.
The participation of LMP Project Group in the construction of energy blocks of Rostov NPS helped develop accurate work process and increase the engineering efficiency by 5 %. Moreover, the 3D model improved by our experts can be applied at all consequent stages of the object’s life cycle.

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