Engineering Based Project Planning from LMP Project Group


Engineering Based Project Planning ensures efficient coordination of multi-task projects in the field of industry, power, construction, etc. Process management takes place owing to transformation of disembodied technical data (design documentation, cost estimates, calculations and other information) into a unified multi-level schedule.

As a result, you have integral vision of the project and structured organizational work model which defines tasks for every activity and each process participant. Methods of engineering planning allow speeding up implementation of tasks set and increase the personnel’s performance.

Planning system is built on several main principles:


Processing of existing data allows creating a justified calendar-network schedule with a high level of detail (up to a day). Also, calculation of demand for materials and equipment and labor costs by periods is carried out in accordance with the established budget. Thus, the customer avoids overexpenditure and has a clear idea of time expenditures for each phase of the project.


Data transfer in graphic format using authoring software tools by LMP Project Group allows for a clear definition of area of responsibility for each employee and their place in general implementation.


Analysis of project risks takes place at the preparation phase: errors in the design documentation, potential violations of financing schedule, etc. are identified. Possibility of quick uploading of project results allows for a prompt analysis of KPI (key performance indicators of the project). Definition of performance level of all participants and competent work forecasting are carried out in such a way.

The proposed approach ensures efficient and prompt managerial decision-making, as well as optimization of time and material expenditures for project implementation. Engineering planning allows organizing the work competently in up-to-date conditions, which significantly improves the competitiveness of your company in its core line of activity.

To achieve as efficient planning organization as possible, LMP Project Group uses professional software which proved its effectiveness, including authoring:

  • Oracle Primavera is a leading tool in state-of-the-art analytical and assessment work during definition of project implementation opportunities.
  • MS Project and Spider Project are professional programs with high capacity for system management of the project and all its components: resources, budget, etc.
  • Hub plan is LMP’s original development for planning of each project participant’s tasks and allocation of their optimal level in the general schedule.

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